If you want to buy your shoes and dresses, is it better to buy it online or would you still settle with brick-and-mortar shopping malls out there? Purchasing online will let you save your effort and time, however, you can’t the 100% about its quality and reliability while buying anything personally from shopping also good. Both of them are safe and effective. But, whether you’d want to buy a specific buy and sell website in the Philippines or just want to enjoy roaming on malls while shopping, here are some helpful tips for you:

Buy online for inexpensive and easy to return items


It is not a good idea if you would purchase high end and luxurious items within a free buy and sell website in the Philippines. There’s a higher risk of missing packages, fraud and wrong perception about its advertisement. But if you buy it right from a physical store, you could try the product and then inspect for possible defects. You could also make some negotiation on its price and term. Likewise, you could also ask questions and then be able to compare brands and models. Here, you are minimizing hassles which might come on your way and at the same time, you are ensuring that you will get the most out of your money.

Set your Budget

If you will shop around without allotting your budget, then there’s a chance that you will spend much more than you want from one store to another store, be it online or in mall. Since both of them do have wide selection you could choose from, you might be tempted to splurge more of your finances rather than to save. Before heading out or clicking the “Order now” button, you already set your budget and most of all, stick with it!

Check out if there’s any reward program


You have the chance to get personalized and exclusive coupons as well as sale offers not just on mere shopping malls but as well as via online. Yes, that is now possible through the power of internet and technology. With it, you could possible earn free gifts when you hit their particular spending levels and be able to be involved on their other promotions. It is quite exciting since you can receive freebies here.

Look for Discounts

You should know the best possible time for you to get discount. It might be on major sale weekends and popular holidays like Black Friday. Different online shops and outlet store do giveaway big discount during these days so better catch them up.


Wherever you are buying your stuffs, be it via online or via outlet malls, surely you will experience both of their advantage and disadvantage. But what matter most here is that you have these tips as your guide so you’ll not end your day with disappointment and frustration. Follow these tips and you’ll definitely treasure how satisfied will you become while shopping in a buy and sell website.

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