Each year there are lots of people who trade in for their used cars once they purchased their new ones. And I am one of those individuals who just want to get rid of my pre-loved car but then I don’t know the right place to go so I could sell them. I inherited a cool 2003 SUV from my father when he died. Since he is not fond of driving that, much, this car had only 80,000 miles registered on its odometer as soon as I acquired its ownership. Then, I just learned that my son started to drive this old and pretty beaten up car. Well, I can’t blame you if you will imagine that there are already scratches and dents when they are trying to do parallel parking practice.


But the thing here is that we are not anymore covered by a comprehensive insurance. It means that if there’s a need for replacement, I have to use my own money. I just realize then that all the necessary repairs for that car are now more than on its actual worth. Here’s the video.

Having the new purchased car from a buy and sell website in the Philippines, I think this is the perfect time for me to hand it over to its new owner. Thus, I search for best possible place to sell it and guess what I found. Here they are as follows:

Dealer/Trade-In sale


If you want to sell your used cars quickly and easily, dealer or trade-in sale is the best option. When a particular dealer is wise enough to sell you with new car, then there’s a chance that he could give good offer for your used cars. On the other hand, if you want to get significant discounts with your new one, then he may hesitate to offer you the best possible price for the old one. Therefore, you have to be sure the actual worth of your car prior offering it on any free buy and sell website in the Philippines.

Online Auction


This method is easy and quick also, but the risk here is too high when you will sell you used cars. Buy and sell websites can be helpful if you aware on how to do it properly.

Private sale


Definitely, you could be rewarded by your used cars through selling it on private sites. But then, it could too much time. You have to allot time on taking up phone calls, meeting prospective buyers as well as test driving. Aside from that, advertising is too expensive especially if your used cars consumes too much time before it sell.

Online companies buying Used cars


If the above mentioned methods didn’t work, then, it would best if you will sell them to professional online buyers. But you must not expect that you could get the best possible price for it.


Selling your cars is just like selling other stuffs such as iPhone or house and lot. Never let anyone fool you.

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